Pacific Airshow 2022 Tracking Thread

Welcome to the Pacific Airshow 2022 tracking thread. The purpose of this thread is to post updates and pictures on this 3 day event! If you will also be attending the event feel free to let me know!

Performance Schedule

All times are in PST because that is the performance timezone. Schedule is the same for all three days!

Performers Scheduled Time (PST)
V-22 Demo 10:30
OC Fire Water Drop 10:32
Coast Guard SAR Demo 10:37
US Navy Leap Frogs Flag Jump 10:51
USAF T6-As 11:00
Grumman Albatross 11:07
Sammy Mason 11:15
U.S Army UH Demo 11:26
PACAF F-16 Demo 11:35
USAF F-16 Agressors 11:51
USAF C-130J Demo 12:00
”Guardian of Freedom” Flypass 12:08
US Navy F-35 Demo 12:15
Michael Goulian 12:30
B-52 Bomber Flypass 12:43
Fedex 757-200 Flypass 12:51
Blackfly 1:00
Matt Hall 1:08
US Navy F/A-18E Demo & Legacy Flyby 1:21
USAF KC-135 1:47
USAF C-17 1:56
Ace Maker Airshow 2 ship demo 2:05
Red Bull Air Force 2:18
A-4 Skyhawk & Mig-17 2:31
US Army Golden Nights & UK Army Tigers 2:44
YAC-110 & Jet Waco 3:10
US Thunderbirds 3:26

All photos I take will be shown here:

V22 Osprey Demo

OC Fire Drop

US Navy Leap Frogs Flag Jump

Yac 110

Sammy Mason

USAF T6-A Demo

F-35 Demo

If you are attending the Airshow and would like to pm me your photos, I can put them into here as well and tag you (so that people know that you took them)


I will only be taking photos and updating this topic for Saturdays Airshow. If you will be going to all three days pm me because I will not be there for Friday and most of Sunday, thanks.

Official Website

They also have an app.

Photos above were taken by me from Pacific Airshow 2021.


Awesome! Personally, I can’t wait for next year’s airshow - but will certainly keep an eye out for what I can expect next year at the Gold Coast.


Will see you there then mate! hope everyone else that is attending Huntington Beach had a great time!

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So excited to see the F16 aggressors.

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Are you going?

@Butter575 I’m debating on it or maybe hold out for KEDW open house in October. I know you going for sure 🫡

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Looks like the C-17 demo is going on rn

Airshow starts in 1:30!

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The Airshow has officially begun

OC Fire water drop

Leap Frogs

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You’re there?! I might be there tommorow
Nice shots

Yeah I am watching it right now

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Nice @Butter575

Thank you!

V22 osprey

Yac 110

I’m in my bike on the way down there in a few minutes

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I’m just gonna post all my pictures at the end of the day

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