Pace Airlines Callsign

Pace Airlines was a charter airline based in North Carolina. The main base was Smith-Reynolds Airport.


Credit: WikiPedia

It mainly served passenger and sports charters, but also operated aircraft for other airlines.

I think this would just be a cool heritage callsign, as the company went bankrupt in 2009. It’s very simple, just “Pace”.

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Mate awesome job on this, but can you give a reason mate.

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As far as I’ve seen while searching around, callsign requests are allowed. I think it’s ok for the reason to be as simple as this when it’s a callsign.

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Oh mate I am so sorry mate.

It’s ok! I’m all for highlighting the need for better reasoning for topics to exist when it’s apparent that this is needed, but I feel that this is a case where it’s more simple. Obviously, this might change over time if people start to spam request callsigns with just the simple justification of wanting it, but that’s not a major problem right now. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more.


We’ve discussed internally and decided to no longer allow requests for airline callsigns without an existing livery in the app itself. There are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of callsigns we can dig up. This is not a great use of resources for a small team or precious votes.

The best way to see your desired callsign in-app is to support the feature request for the livery itself. Other requests similar to this will be closed as discovered over time. Thanks!