P38 landing glitch

I was flying the P-38 from legacy aircraft and I came to land but forgot to put down the landing gear. (This was in solo) but when I touched Down I did not crash?! Please fix this

Depending on how you landed, you most likely just slid across the floor.
The physics and aircraft model from the P38 are also quite old, so that’s why is wasn’t so accurate.

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I would still like it fixed. It ruined my flight

You’ll have to wait for a rework. A rework has not been planned for the near future.

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What’s there to fix? If you landed smoothly without gear, it’s not supposed to crash.


There’s plenty of aircraft that in real life land without landing gear. It was obviously smooth enough for you to not crash :)

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There’s nothing wrong with it. Next time just don’t forget to put your landing gear down.

[spoiler]Planes can also make landings without using the landing gear you know (although not advised).
Have a look at this video of a LOT B767 making an emergency landing without landing gears: LOT Airlines Boeing 767-35DER belly landing. - YouTube