P38 bouncing when spawning

I’ve had the weirdest glitch on IF since yesterday. My boys distracted me, and I crashed a P38 on landing in the expert server, reset to parking but immediately bounced and flipped upside down like a turtle. (almost got a violation for aerobatics) now every time I spawn in, my aircraft rocks back and forth on its wheels and has begun rocking to the side and crashing within 5 seconds or so. Any ideas?
Device is an iPad running iOS 9.3.5 - device says no update needed.


Check the wind when you respawn. This happened yesterday and the wind was 174kts.


Where you in the Caribbean? Yesterday it tossed my fully loaded A340 inverted.

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yes I was in the Caribbean. It tossed a few c-130s as well.It stopped when I hit the reset button on the control options. Go figure. By the way, it nice in the expert server. Hats off to ya’ll.

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