{P2} Powerful Rain Departures at KSEA!

Hello, IFC!

This is part 2 of my “ Powerful Rain Departures at KSEA! “ topic!

First is a baby Alaska Cargo 737-700!

I may be wrong but I think this is the only 737-700 freighter still in operation.

Second is the passenger version of the same plane!

Next up is an underexposed toddlerbus

Following the A319 were this 767 and A330 going to Japan and Hawaii!

A 737max departure of Alaska’s first N913AK and a normal 737 with beautiful skies which is one of my favorite ever pictures!

Finally, we have an airbus A330 cockpit belonging to Hawaiian Ailrines that i over edited.

If you thought that sentence made sense, reread the word “airlines”


Anyways, thanks again IFC! You people rock!

Have a great week! ❤️



It’s a MAX, I like it!

Great job again, can’t wait until AS takes more MAXs into SEA!

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These are awesome, I wish we got heavies at GRR🙃

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@den.aviation so what’s happening here


I believe that is a case of Tyler Tilt


Welcome to my home in Seattle.

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Thank you for the warm… cough cough i mean soggy welcome!

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The new livery on Alaska 737 taking off looks beautiful with those overcast clouds in the background. Thanks for sharing!

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