P-8A, is it remodel from 737 ?

This is looks just like B737s, anyone have any clue ?

Picture from this following vedio :


Yes, it is a military version of the 737. RAAF owns a few.


It has raked wingtip as seen on the 747-8, 767-400ER, 777-200LR, 777-300ER and 787.


It’s also referred to as the 737-800A, yes it is a derivative of the 737

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Yes. It is a 737-800 fuselage with 737-900 wings with raked wingtips and whole bunch of electronics in it.

image wished they used the raked on the new max.

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There was a study into that, and they found the winglets offer a greater fuel burn reduction for the 737’s typical mission profile. The raked wingtips are great for longer flights, so the P-8 has them for long surveillance sorties, and the 777/787/747/767-400 has them for their medium to ultra long haul missions where the raked wingtips offer a better fuel burn reduction compared to the winglets.


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