P-8 Poseidon

The P-8 Poseidon is a Navy Variant of the Boeing 737-800 and would be a nice edition to the game, with already the 738. The different liveries could be the marks of the different countries that operate this aircraft, such as India and Australia. image


Yes! I would totally buy it and the p-3 if they ever make it. Hopefully I fly it in real life!


I love flying the poseidon

  • A Navy 738 with the wingtip of a 77W😍
  • Designed for long range anti-submarine warfare
  • 564mph

More Military aircraft for sure, let’s get some action!


Bring is back up. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to add this as a livery to the 738


I like it. We need more military aircraft


This is a must. It just is.

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My dream job^^^

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Oh my god, this looks amazing!! :D

This is just and necessary, the P-8 Podeidon needs to be added.


It is meant to replace the P-3 Orion RIP prop aircraft with military

I like those wings on that 738😂

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Would love to see this in IF. Would make a great addition in global!

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It’d be nice In IF especially with Global!

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Don’t forget to Vote if you like it.

If I had votes, I would fully support it as it’s my fav Military.

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It’s maritime surveillance, not a navy varient.

Otherwise the Royal Air Force is hiding something 😂

It’s replacing our already retired Nimrod fleet.

The P-8 was originally designed for the US Navy. I’m sure the person who posted this was unaware of the other militaries who use this aircraft.

Also, I don’t want to speak incorrectly, but the US Navy is in charge of aerial maritime operations in the US and the RAF is in charge of it the U.K. (I’m American so correct me if I’m wrong about that last part)

Great plane, you have my vote!