P-51D mustang

The original p-51 was not a very good aircraft so the RAF moved it to ground attack. After a few upgrades, the P-51 became a legendary aircraft. The weak Allison engines were replaced by the much stronger Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the same engine on the spitfire and hurricane. The wing was deepened to allow the guns to be pointed forward, nav lights in the wingtip, retractable landing lights and a redesigned canopy with the “teardrop” shape. Two more .50 cal machine guns were also added.

“Quicksilver” (My Photo)


MaxSez: The Mustang-D was a legendary gun platform and was in service with some third world nations into the early 60’S. The Last US combat sortie for this brute was in the 1950’s in the early stages of the Korean War. A great plane but for my money I’ll take a “Spad” an AD of any variant. Just loved those US/VNAF Spad’s (Sandies) in RVN.

(There’s nothing like a reciprocators for CAS)


I would love to fly one of these one day.

We should complement this with a Bf 109G-6.

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Would go great with the Wyvern imo.

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Liked it just for you, Max 🙂

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@Captain_Ed…MaxSez:: “Who lov’s ya baby”!..


@the_simulation_nerd… MaxSez… “Wyvern Imo”. a stinking boat! Ya gotta be (deleted) me! LOL. Regards, Max

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