P-51 Voodoo

Hey guys !
You are tired of flying “normal“ planes in IF ? Then you are completely right here :)
The Voodoo is a highly modified North American P-51 Mustang that was the 2013, 2014 and 2016 Unlimited-class champion of the Reno Air Races.
Now it is already retired but I think it would be quite cool (and loud) to fly a racer in IF as we don‘t really have them in the game and I mean that‘s also a part of aviation. Additionally maybe more people would be interested in IF because some like racers :)
So here it is: The P-51 Voodoo


I really really like the look of it but check out this amazing sound, too:

(rip headphone users)

For more information:

I would really like to see this kind of planes in the future ✈️
A bit more action 😂

Thanks for visiting this topic !

Oh wow. A little too much for me. 😂
Sorry ;)


Haha no problem 😂

Cool request, I’d love to see this in the future sometime, I definitely support this looks awesome!

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That’s one loud boii.

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The Voodoo is waiting for you :)) !!

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I’m voting yes for this. I’ve been fascinated by this aircraft since I went to my first air show over 30 years ago! Love this! 💗


This sound and this velocity ! Best combination ✈️

Do you like racing planes ?

  • Yesss
  • No, not really

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Personally not a huge fan of racing planes in sims but damn that’s a beast!

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