P-51 mustang

After flying the Spitfire for a while and with a love of World War II aircraft I would like the developers to think about adding the P 51 Mustang it is instantly one of the most recognizable single engine fighter planes in the world used in both the Pacific and European theaters and some of the most historic bottles including D day and Iwo Jima
Here’s some statistics about the historic plane

Engine Packard V-1650 Merlin
Horse Power 1490
Length 32’3”
Range 1,650 miles with external tanks
999miles without external tanks
Manufacturer North American Aviation
Top Speed 437 mph

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I use the search bar and search for P 51 brought up a old closed feature request

Really? Searching up P-51 #features got me all this…

Did you try scrolling down to see all open #features request on the P51 Mustang?