P-38 VFR across the Channel

Flying from France to England across the channel in a P-38 Lightning or as Japanese infantry liked to call it “The Fork Tailed Devil”

No flight plan! VFR flight

For those of you who don’t fly the P-38 one fun aspect of it is that there’s no autopilot so it’s stick and rudder the entire time. I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think Infinite flight XP system can tell the difference between auto pilot and hand flying but I think it’s should be integrated in so you get more XP by hand flying. Feel free to comment down below!

Thanks for taking a look, I would have flown the Spitfire across but two engines give you a little bit more speed for a late night run. I don’t know about other members of the community but I personally would love to see older aircraft implemented into the sim if possible. Maybe something with a radial engine, or two or four.
Happy Flying

Some cool on the ground shots 😎

Lining up with the propeller blades with the free camera.

Getting some really fun angles

Following the French coast north

Turn towards Great Britain


Flare (side)

Facing Death


Nice nice 👍