P-38 Rework

The P-38 is one of the two WWII planes included in Infinite Flight.
The P-38 is an American twin-engined fighter which entered service in 1941 and exited from service in 1965. It was the successful heavy fighters for the war.

Here are some specifications:
Max speed: 414 mph
Range: 1300 mi
Ceiling: 44,000 ft

Although the plane has the cockpit view and some animated parts, the rest of its features are not as good as other updated planes. The cockpit view should be updated with working instruments, flight physics should also be updated as well as animated suspensions. Adding a pilot in the cockpit would also be awesome too.
It should be good to take a look at the P-38, as I haven’t seen many people who want to discuss about reworking it.

Source: https://p38assn.org/surviving/images/23Skidoo.jpg

Voted! Would love to see some new liveries on it.

It would be good but nobody would ever use it after a few weeks of it being reworked

Love to see more P-38 liveries, including the Red Bull

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1 vote? This plane is extremely neglected and would be great in a joint update with the Spitfire, c’mon people!


We need it. The plane’s graphics quality is extremely poor. I will not fly it until it’s fully remodeled just like the A-10.

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If you really want it, why didn’t you vote?

I have voted it now. So let’s get some more votes or give any comments about reworking the P-38.

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I couldn’t agree more I just recently started flying the P38 and this (including the Spitfire) is by far the most neglected of all the fighters in the sim. Maybe if more people appreciate it thing may happen in the future

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Imagine if this gets reworked along with the spit 😍 I might drop a vote :)

This would be so sick and awsome for GA


Not my photo

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