P-38 Pictures

This isn’t really an event, just something I want to do, but I would like to request up to 7 people to spawn at L65 (don’t worry about it) and I want everyone in a P-38 then fly the short flight to KRIV and fly an approach pattern with everyone into KRIV and I want about 3 other people in P-38s to hold short of the runway with me, anyone up for it?

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You want to do it now?

Let’s gather up people first, maybe let’s see what we got in 30 minutes? 15 minutes?

Ok I probably won’t be able so. Good luck tough!

Ok, anyone else? I think this is going to be fun ☺️

What server is this on? I might consider it

It’s going to be on Casual

Alright i’ll do it (;

Ok, I’ll see you at about 2:30 PST

Was asking because I dropped to grade two because I told my sister to slow down my flight when I wasn’t home and she ended up crashing it…

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Im up for it. Can we do a bit of Formation flight (I need pictures aswell) :D

I’m also up for it.

I’m really loving the P-38 today for some odd reason…

You guys will do the formation flying from L65 to KRIV in the P-38s you can do a touch and go or just land, it’s up to you


I think I will do a touch and go at KRIV then go around

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Tell me whether you will spawn at L65 and fly to KRIV in the formation or spawn at KRIV (3 people only) and hold short with me

Will you be at KRIV?

Yeah, I’ll be taking a lot of pics

See ya there. Will go to KRIV with you

L65 (formation flight)

Anyone else I’m missing?