P-38 Over The Cariboo Mountains

A scenic loop over the Cariboo Mountains, taking off from and returning to Jasper, Alberta, Canada in the P-38. Flight time was 44 minutes on the Training Server cruising at 12,000 ft. Local time was around 3 PM.

#1. Taking off from Jasper (CYJA)

#2 - #5. Various views of Cariboo Mountain Range during flight.





#6. Approaching CYJA.

#7. Landing at Jasper, Alberta, Canada (CYJA)


SiCk ShOtS

love the P-38!


2 and 5 where the best shots, not meaning the others where not good as well!

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Great shots and I think it’s spelled caribou.

Hi @juan_tavares.
You are right for referring to the animal. But according to the maps I have seen, this mountain range is named Cariboo. The area there apparently has lots of caribou, I don’t know why the spelling is different.

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ah okay thanks never knew that. weird that the spelling is different

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You’re literally one of the very very very few people who flew the P-38 and made a post about it. Congrats to you for being able to fly it!

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Ah, here’s a rare one. I’ve rarely seen someone fly the P-38, let alone see a post with images about it.

Some nice images, you have. :)

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Great photos! Gotta love the P-38, such a fun plane to fly in IF!

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Thanks, @Philippe_Gilbert, @Astreal and @Butter_Boi. Obviously not having auto pilot on the P-38 means the pilot has to be active for the whole flight. My funny secret is that during my first 9 months in IF, I didn’t know what AP meant, and so I flew all my flights by hand. Once I realized about AP I thought “Boy, that makes things easier!” LOL.