P-3 Orion

Lockheed P-3 Orion
this photo is not mine

Due to the last topic being closed I’m bumping a new one. I really want this aircraft to become a part of Infinite flight.

@Parsa had a very good topic the link is above.


Really good featured aircraft. This plane would see a lot if action if I had it.

Would love to see this. A very iconic aircraft! Plus, with global, you may be able to do actual hurricane exploring ;)

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Two of my friends parents used to fly these. If it gets added I hope it will be able to turn off one of the engines in flight!

I´m not totally sure but as soon as I know always 2 aircraft are used for Hurricane hunting. One flying very low and the other one a little higher to transmit the data. If I´m not wrong once again, I think the P3 is the one flying lower and the C17 flies at an higher altitude.

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I think the C130 flys high

It looks amazing!

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Would be cool to have the NOAA Livery.

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So why you don’t vote for it if you want it?

I feel like the response that hurricane Irma go this would be good for weather nerds two! I would fly this to fly into hurricane

C130s do fly into the hurricanes. I’d love to fly in a P3 Orion too!! They use use the same engine as the KC130T, except they are inverted.

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This is a really great aircraft that would be a great addition to infinite flight. Multiple liveries to include US Navy, NASA, NOAA and foreign military liveries. You have my vote!


This is a beauty! Got my vote.
Orion low pass is always a winner in my book.
Here is a video of Royal Norwegian Airforce P3C: