Ozark Air Lines Douglas DC-9-15 N968E.

This aircraft was accepted by Swissair on March 10, 1967, registered as HB-IFD and named “Glarus”.
Douglas bought the aircraft in August 1968, and on July 8, 1969, leased the aircraft, now HP-505 and named “Marco Tulio Hooper”, to Air Panama.
On November 22, 1972, the aircraft (now N1791U) returned to Douglas, and Ozark became its next owner, when the airline purchased the aircraft on December 7, 1972. Ozark operated N968E for two years, selling the aircraft on March 28, 1974 to Texas International Airlines, who named it “City of Little Rock”.
Continental Airlines took over the aircraft on October 31, 1982.



“Classic Early Jet Liners 1958-1979”.

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Love these little snippets of classic airliner info, keep up the excellent work.

Will do, glad you liked it!

Love Ozark! Picked up a pack of their playing cards last year and love that classic livery and deep green. What an amazing livery…

You made me think the airline was still active.

I’m sorry I misled you! They’re long gone unfortunately

Every airlines has to go under at some point in time. Ozark was bought by TWA, and TWA went bankrupt.