Oz STOL 2023

Over the weekend I went and drove 3hr to a small grass strip west of Newcastle, Luskintyre Airport. They hold an annual Stol (Short Takeoff and Landing) Comp.

This was my first and it was a blast seeing a different type of flying.
Below are some pictures, don’t really have context as I don’t know much of went on


brilliant photos!!!

Beautiful shots mate! Love the first one especially

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Save some props for the rest of us Chris 😩😩

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Ong bruh 😩

dude what the flip bro

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holy schmokes

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Thanks guys!

what a unique topic! awesome!

Honestly better than seeing boring airliners. You get closer and better shots


Wow… just wow… 😍

for sure! would definitely love to mix it up every once in a while

Amazing photos!😮💪💪👍

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