OYSQ airport runways numbers glitch

Hi everyone. Landed on the amazing island of Socotra this morning (OYSQ) and found a little problem on the map/autocom infos. There is only one runway there, but several runways numbers are mixed up on the map and autocom landing infos. The airport is otherwise pefectly rendered. No big deal of course, since there should not be much trafic in the area… but it would be cool if someone could fix this glitch.

Can you show us a picture?

I was doing some research and I saw nothing wrong. The airport has one runway strip and two runways(the direction the numbers are going). The two runways are runways 03/21.

Yes, here it is :

It is even more confusing int autocom info but can’t connect from here (at work…).

Yep, I think that’s a glitch. Maybe try clearing scenery cache and if that didn’t work, try restarting your device.

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Able to reproduce. It looks like the other runways (21L and 21R) are inside the big one. Have a look at the topic below!


Hi, thanks a lot for the link. Don’t like the google thing though… giving a picture plus mail. Is there another way to ask for this?

Ok thanks, i’ll try tonight on my tablet. I clear the cache everyday though, so it might be in the system.

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Send me a PM and I can fix.

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