Owning a private airstrip

This seems like a good idea, because I believe that referenced a C208, and is this not well known for its ability to land on grass?

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Doesn’t the cost of building the airstrip it self, that is to lay the asphalt on to the ground vary depending on where you plan to do it?

I was considering a Grass strip, but I was thinking about when it snows and I want to still travel. I’d be easier to plow the runway than snow blow it

Edit: actually, now that I can think about it, I can just still plow it lol.


Fun fact: at my family’s ranch in Kansas we have a grass strip that’s approximately 2500 feet. Before we land we have a hand come and cut the grass then whenever we fly in we have to fly over to get all the geese away then just come around line up and land. I believe we got a person who makes roads to come and do make it. He had to level the strip then he had to pack it down then grate it then we tested it one day then we have used it ever since.


As a hella rich guy, I own a private airport, It has a 14.000 ft asphalt runway to land my a380 on. I also own an atc tower with atcs working for me. For normal people, I would recommend a grass airstrip as it’s cheaper. You need to look after it more though.

Ok jk Idk


I actually do own one, exactly 3 RC Planes land there every Saturday! Amazing right?!


Great idea! I might stop by with my X-Wing ;)

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Do you have a spare hyperdrive?

Whats the website URL, This is peeking my interest

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Here’s the link

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This…website…is…awesome…THANKS!! 😃😃

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It’s what airport editors use. If you’re interested take a look at airportediting.com

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Will think about joining…anyway this is getting off topic

That’s an awesome dream! I unfortunately don’t know, but I’d recommend buying land maybe in the middle of the United States (if that’s possible for you) land there is fairly cheap and more than likely won’t interfere with any traffic

Yeah, where are u planning on owning this airstrip?

I was planning to get it in Northern New Hampshire

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Maybe if you become super rich you can build multiple private airstrips across the US. Maybe one in every state haha

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Umm, there are airstrips in every state lol. While it does cost a lot I was looking at land earlier, and my gosh it’s so expensive

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Land is expensive first off, how much land you want will depend how much it costs. Now onto the actual airstrip…

Asphalt costs around $5 per square foot. A 2500x50ft runway (typical GA size) would set you back around $625,000.

Living in New Hampshire, you’d probably also want a small hangar to keep your aircraft in. Assuming you have a 20,000 square ft hangar built, assuming concrete block reinforced walls, you could be looking close to $2.5million for the hangar.

All things considered, expect to be looking close to $4million plus maintenance and aircraft costs.


Well, I’d like the hanger to only fit a Cessna 172, with room for me to tow it in and out. The space around the plane can have small items for small repairs on the airplane. I would only want a small hanger just so the plane can be safe from Snow.