Owning a private airstrip

Hey everyone, I have something that I have been dreaming about for such a long time, and that is to own my own airstrip.

I design airports when I am drawing, and they’re mainly commercial airports, but on occasion, I will draw a small GA airport.

What I want is an airstrip that can handle a Cessna 208, paved runways and taxiways. This would be hard I know, but I want at least a 2,500ft Runway.

I would want to know how much the supplies would cost. Owning land obviously is very expensive.

Thanks! And would you like to own your own private airstrip?

P.S the FAA allows this as long as it doesn’t interfere with Commercial airports with scheduled service and Major GA airports as well


IDK, but that sounds awsome!
If you do make sure you let tge airport editing team know, and it will probably be the mist popular GA strip!


Depends on what material you use to pave it, and obviously the land itself, aswell as hiring a construction team to do it, and rent of construction vehicles, fuel pumps which will be expensive, including suppliers, you would probably also need fencing and security, and the basic materials for a basic hanger.

If you really wanted to work out how much it would cost, you could look up the price of a square foot of the material you want to use for the taxiways and runways, then you do the basic calculations and you add the other stuff, but it depends, if you want the airport for private use, it would be a hell of a lot cheaper then for public use. But overall, it’s going to be expensive, extremely expensive.


I’d like it to be private use. As I would base my airplane there (unless it needs maintenance)

Also, since it snows in NH, I can own a plow truck without hiring snow plowers


As I said, it depends on the material used, but if you used asphalt, your going for around 1-2 Million US Dollars.


I’ll draw out the airstrip tonight and post it here and see what you think

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Calm down buddy, it’s aviation related, no need to throw a tantrum.


If this actually happens I’m going to get my own plane and fly up to the airstrip in NH to see it. Keep me updated! :)

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I never asked anyone to build it for me? I only want opinions on what people think about it and how much it would cost?


Depending on how private you want it to be, you could earn money from it.
If you had a couple of hangars, you could rent out hangar space and outside parking to raise some money.

If you had fuel there, you could sell it for a few cents profit per litre.
Also see if there are any gliding clubs nearby. If you are near any hills, you could let gliders operate there, which could raise some cash.
Not huge amounts, but every little helps to keep it cheap to run and sustainable would be a bonus!


You’re litteraly saying that I can’t post a topic about the new Istanbul Airport being close to Completion because it is not aviation related yet.

Owning a private airstrip is a business and not just a hobby (unless you have millions of dollars lying around). It’s very hard to estimate how much building an airstrip will be; mainly because there are tooooo many variable costs, such as where you live and how much renting the land will cost.

I don’t think you’ll get much from the forum as none of us (as I’m aware) owns a private airfield. I’d say Google is your best bet when finding answers to such questions.

Good luck on your idea anyway! (Maybe pitch it on Shark Tank one day (; )


You’re looking at $1.25-2.50 average per square feet of asphalt poured. Average pricing for the East Coast. Take it as you will for however long a runway you would build.

Ideally, you’d want a 6" overlay on top of the 6" already laid, too.


Asphalt is extremely expensive, but maybe you can find a way to get other things such as a hangar for a low cost.

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6yr old me would have wanted to move to NH just for that…


Personally if I was going to do something like this, I’d start off with just a mowed grass airstrip, and a small parking pad. and then as I save up money, I’d make it more nicer (asphalt, etc.).

Honestly, if you want it exactly the way you’re saying, I’m pretty sure it won’t come easy. And considering you’re only 19 years old, you’re going to need a lot of money to do what you say you want to do.

But I’m not stopping you, if you can find the funds, by all means do it!


Another thing you have to consider is where this will be. If it’ll be out in the open on a large plot of land, you should be fine (as long as it’s not interfering with any larger airports).

If it’ll be in a suburban area, an area with terrain, or near any other airports, you gotta plan carefully.


Agreed, building a runway and taxiway is VERY expensive.


I’ll draw the airstrip tonight. What I meant is a tiny taxiway to he Apron, not a legit taxiway which spans to both ends of the runway (though I’d love that).


I’d suggest drawing it in WED, what we use to edit airports. It shouldn’t take very long at all