Own screenshots on loading screen

I think it would be nice if there was an option to see your own screenshots on the loading screen. IF would then ask for permission to the files on your device and randomly select photos from the infinite flight folder. I hope you like this idea too and vote for it!

Not a bad idea. Poor Jason I believe he does them

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I don’t have an Infinite Flight folder. They just go to my screenshots folder. If it took from that folder my IF loading screen would be all my weird screenshotted convos…

Cool idea. However, I don’t see the point of this as you are usually on the loading screen for 10 seconds or less. Also, make sure to vote for your own request.

Have a great day!

maybe having a monthly competition for the featured loading screen shot?

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Thats an idea I could get behind

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That is a good idea.

Very nice idea but my votes have reached the limit…:(