Own liveries

Hey IFC!

Today i had this idea - wouldn’t it be so cool if you could add your own liveries to Aircraft (there would be a + button in the livery section), and you can fly with it. It would only be visible to you, others will see a generic livery.

This would be very useful for liveries you dont have in game, private liveries etc.

Hmmmmmm it seems like a cool idea, but I feel like my sim would crash

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Maybe it can be like rfs and we make it for others to use. It would work you stuff like VA’s got my vote. I have always wanted this in the game since I found out that RFs had it.

This idea has been suggested multiple times in the past however it has been denied due to potential copyright or inappropriate reasons

Interesting 🤔maybe then I could use my concept liveries finally.😂😂 but I’m not sure if this is possible.

What if it would have to be approved before it could be used.

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But maybe it can go Thur a moderation system so they can make sure that it’s all appropriate.

It is they do it in rfs

The thing is the livery would only be visible to YOU, it would show as the generic to otehrs

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It I wouldn’t be as cool but it make Sense.

Seems like a good idea but would be kind of hard to implement. There’s another topic which is different but you can still design a livery to be in the game!

I don’t see how that would make it any better, I’m all for showing liveries and adding them as long as they are approved by moderators/staff.

The reason I said it would only be visible to you is liveries visible to everyone have already been brought up and have been denied cuz of moderation issues.

There is already a thread for this ! It has like 50-80 votes I think.

Could you link it pls? Pretty sure this is the only one that says ONLY VISIBLE TO YOU.

This is a great idea, but when you have a livery you should send it to a moderator for approval, so we can get a good livery quality and no problems with copyright. You have my vote :)

Why would you need approval if the livery is only visible to you ;)

This could create another IFAET but for liveries,

Hat is IFAET

Like how you can hid name tags.