Owg 737-800

Hey, IFC!

37 seconds ago, OWG announced they would be purchasing the 737-800!

Knowing the -800 is in IF and that this livery is not on it, then why not make a feature request for it, right?

Here is some info on the 737:

Here is some Info on OWG, a Canadian startup airline from Nolinor

Credit: OWG

I personally think this livery looks great on the 737-800, and it would allow for more Canadian liveries in the game!

Thank you for taking a look!


Nice livery! Good Luck

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my goodness was this request quick to show up!


well its humor :) In reality its like a 2 hour old announcement but eh


Someone beat me to it 😅 out of votes right now but yeah, I would love to see it in the near future. Canada deserves more liveries!

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Bringing this post back from the dead

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This needs a BUMP!

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I can’t change the image in the topic but this exists now so here is an IRL picture :)

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