Owen Roberts Airport Expansion

Hi, I thought I’d share some pictures and information of the expansions going on at Owen Roberts International Airport with the forum. Some of these expansions weren’t meant to be done until 2030, but the airport being mostly shutdown due to our borders being closed have sped things up.

Picture 1 & 3: Runway 8/26 has been expanded by a couple hundred feet to allow British Airways to fly directly to London-Heathrow with a full load. Previously a stop in Nassau, Providenciales, or Bermuda was required. (Mostly Nassau) In Addition the turn around area at the end of the runway was expanded so an aircraft can hold there while another lands.

Pictures 2 & 4: A taxiway was added at the end of runway 8 to allow an alternative to back taxiing after landing. The new taxiway also allows space for aircraft to hold while waiting for a gate, previously only 2 aircraft could hold on the smaller taxiway.

Additional Info: The entire runway was repaved to better support the B777-200ER that British uses to service the airport. Also visible in the photos next to the current terminal, two new gates will be added. The two gates can also be used as one gate for a wide body. This brings the total gate number to 10.


Didn’t know about this airport, looks nice.


Very interesting, thanks for sharing! The Cayman Islands have a very cool airport!

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I’d wondered what they were doing - thanks for sharing. It looks good!

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I love the Cayman Islands! Great to see the airport there getting an expansion, especially with the gates and the exspansion to help BA with their 772. Gonna have to go back!


I have been to this airport before on the 772 and it is a great airport

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As soon as we open our borders again, we would love to have tourists back to the island. It’s been weird without them. If you come back, I hope you enjoy your stay!


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