Owen_fitzpatrick’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @ EIDW

Welcome to @owen_fitzpatrick’s ATC Thread

RWY 10R/28L is the only active runway. RWY 16/34 is closed

When 28L is in use, aircraft taxing from anywhere from taxiway F3 and above may be asked to taxi on runway 16/34 via either H1, M1, or P1. this will be requested via progressive taxi and I will treat 16/34 as a taxiway


Just for realism purposes, Ryanair park solely on stands 107L through to 207T (Pier 1 and Pier 2) and Aer Lingus park on Pier 3 and Pier 4 (stand 311L through to stand 418)
Long-haul aircraft tend to be on Piers 3 and Pier 4



Airport :


Server :


Hello @owen_fitzpatrick, at what time will you start your session?

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Hey, I’m busy atm, but make sure to tag me next time your open, I’ll try my best to come!

I’m here now. tower and ground are open!

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I’m Coming

perfect !!

sorry for vanishing for a few minutes. eating dinner and trying to control is a bit tricky!

Feedback is coming…

  • Transition altitude was incorrect, it would have been 3000ft rather than 3500ft as the feild elevation is a little more than 200ft. So 200ft+2500ft= 2700ft we round it to 3000ft and here’s your transition altitude

  • Hold position wasn’t the correct command to issue, It would have been give way to aircraft ahead and a proggressive taxi instruction to that particular aircraft as there was another aircraft near him doing a conflict.

  • Takeoff clearance was good with the traffic direction.

  • No clearance was given to me and I had to report my position, I’d recommend you clear someone on crosswind or downwind but not base or final.

  • No sequence either, as soon as there is a departing aircraft remaining in the pattern give him a sequence when on upwind.

You still need to practice but I know you can improve!


thanks for the feedback! if only you could speak the commands it would make it far easier, I was getting a little flustered with what is the most appropriate command haha

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Hello Owen!

It’s actually quite hilarious because I was finding airports to do pattern work because I needed to grind my rank back up.

I’m Michael

I really enjoyed my time in your airspace!

Excellent Runway change!

Please tag me every time you open 🙂

Unfortunately I showed up late and didn’t know that you were training for lFATC! Hopefully next time I’ll be able to give you prudent feedback!

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hi Michael, haha its a bit of a pain trying to get your rank up alright! im actually a 737 first officer based in Dublin. this was my first time giving controlling a proper go as most time the people flying are just being trolls. I’ve another two days until my practical test so ill tag you if you’re around tomorrow !

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Didn’t know you were on this Owen, I’m kyles.aviation on Instagram. Give us a shout when your open next and i’ll make sure to fly out of Dublin 🤙


if anybody is around ground and tower is open. be handy if someone could control approach!

I am currently controlling but as soon as I get done I’ll drop by if you’re still open

Please edit (open to close) when you are not controlling :)

whoops, thanks

Still open?

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Yeah just here now. Ground and tower

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Thanks for coming !