Overzealous A320 Speed AP Causing Stall

I just had to quit a flight while doing a pattern at LEMD in the A320 due to an issue with the A320 speed AP. Pretty annoyed. I slowed down to 140kts, a reasonable speed in the 320, with flaps full. The whole flight the speed AP had been overzealous, the aircraft did not want to maintain its speed for anything and so the AP was constantly going up from 0% to 100% every few seconds, and the aircraft was pitching up and down. It was getting worse so I disengaged the AP and tried to fix it using manual throttle and it still didn’t help. Thinking maybe it would sort itself out after that, I re-engaged the AP and it sent me into a stall. Exited flight before anything else could happen.

Note I can’t share the replay as whenever I go to export it my app crashes.


Let’s get to the first problem:

You must send the replay for us to be able to see the whole situation that wasn’t told in the first post. That will mean that you should keep trying exporting the replay file. If not, restart your app and/or device.

If this won’t work for some reason and the replay file won’t export, you will have to screen record the HUD view of the situation.

Who knows? Maybe it was just extremely windy? It’s weird to see the throttle go from 0 to 100% rapidly. But the post above tells most information we need. I still have no idea on why is this happening though. So try doing the steps I said above and (maybe) we will see some progress.


Was your altitude also messing up or was it just your speed?

never heard of such an issue i was just flying the a320 and did some smooth landings

It was the throttle going from 0 to 100 rapidly that was causing it, then when the ALT AP tried to correct it the SPD AP tried to un-correct it

What was the weight of the aircraft at the time?

That happens to me all the time when I set a lower altitude into autopilot. This is a common issue on the a320 and hopefully the devs fix it soon. The only fix I’ve seen is just not to set the ALT A/P and just set the V/S A/P to 0 when at that altitude.

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Yea, usually setting vs to 0 helps for me.

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doing what @Doonies said should solve your problems pretty fast!


I fly the A320 for about 50% of all my flights, I have never had that so would not say its common at all! The only time I have seen the throttles going from 0% to 100% in quick sucsession is in very turbulant condtions.

@KaiM , have up downloaded the most recent update (new A320) or are you still using the old version?

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I’d be more than happy to try to reproduce it with replay sent

Do you use AP at low altitudes? Because it only bobs if you use the ALT A/P not at cruising altitude.
It’s not related to his game version because many people have complained about this issue since the a320 came out.

Do you know if the Weather icon was red? It could’ve been the wind causing your speed to go up and down rapidly.

Hmm, was your airspeed low too low for your approach altitude with respect to the aircraft’s weight? LEMD is 2000ft AMSL so it requires a higher approach speed. I fly the B77W mostly, but 140 knots at 4000ft MSL (2000ft AGL) might be a little too slow for the A320?

Won’t rule out a possibility of a problem with the Aircraft’s AP system though, I’ve heard numerous stories of the A320 being rather weird at some points in the flight

I use the AP down till about 3000ft AGL before going to hand flying and I keep the “Auto Throttle” in till about 1000ft AGL, so have a fair amount of experince. There used to be the issue with the A321 bobbing around in the cruise, appartently this has been fixed, but I have not flown it for a while so cant confirm.

BUT as an iOS user I have not used the new version yet so cant comment on that.

So here’s what I’m seeing. You are using your altitude autopilot until 3,000 feet, but once you reach 3,000 feet, you turn it off. If you stayed at 3,000 ft with it still on it will start to bob.

Able to reproduce this. Did a couple A320 flights yesterday and it wasn’t happening to me

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i think we are in danger of drifting the thread here so will be brief:

I take off Manually, switch on AP on passing about 2500-10,000ft AGL whilst climbing (depending on traffic and work load). Keep the AP on in the climb and in the cruise. AP remains on at TOD and during my descent, usually switch back to manualy soon after ILS capture and remove the AT (SPD AP) around 1000ft. been doing this for a number of years with no known bobbing issues on the A320.

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Ok I agree with you, were starting to go a little off-topic. @KaiM, this is an issue caused by the A320 autocorrecting itself. Some people may not experience it for some reason but it happens for a lot, I’ve seen many topics on it and I experience it myself. I’ve already stated how to avoid it above. Until the devs fix it, use that method.

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