Overweight on approach

Hey y’all. So I was doing a short leg flight OTHH - OMBD with 777F. I had set the cargo to full weight. Upon approach, I initiated the approach setting but it didn’t let me because I was overweight. I advised ATC that I was executing a missed approach because I was overweight. ATC said to make write traffic for RWY 12R. I go to do so then I requested climb to 7000 to be able to dump fuel. ATC gave me other instructions and I go to follow ATC vectors and then I got a level 2 violation (first I’ve ever got). Curious what I should have done differently, thoughts?

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Tough to say with out seeing your replay. But if you’d like to appeal the violation, contact @appeals and they’ll have a look and decide whether or not the violation should be upheld or not. And one thing I would have done different is probably not load myself like that for a short flight. When planning, take a look at the top and you’ll see MTOW and MLW. So you’ll want to weigh below the MLW when you decide to land.


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