Overweight fuel burn

What is the most efficient way to burn off excess fuel in an over mlw plane without fuel dump? Because say I put too much fuel in and I get to my destination overweight what altitude and speed should I use (low altitudes but 250k speed restrictions or higher altitude (say 12000) and higher speed)?

What aircraft are you in?

This case is a321 but say for anything without fuel dump

You will burn more the lower and slower you go…

Go to 10300ft, extend spoilers and set speed on 300kn, but you should plan your fuel burn in before takeoff.

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Okay and are speed brakes to keep the engines working harder good?

Ok but winds are hard to predict for the WHOLE flight

Uh, yes, technically, IRL they would fly off the aircraft but if you aren’t going for realistic flight per say that would increase drag, and thus engine power…

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Depends on the route. Take at least enough fuel for one more hour of flight time with you.


Ever heard of simbrief.com ?


@SF34 no I have not…

It’s a free online service that calculates all of your fuel and payload stuff for long flights (and short ones). It’s awesome. Just look up a tutorial on google (eg. “SimBrief tutorial”)

Using simbrief prevents these problems about having to burn fuel to land under MLW.

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Why do you have so much fuel. Recommend using a fuel calculator! (see post by @SF34)

If you’re traveling long distances especially, expect to carry a lot of fuel. This should put you over MLW but this is also dependent on your payload (passengers and cargo).

If you’re heavy and having difficulty climbing, step-climbing is highly recommended. Most airliners begin this process after FL250 (25,000 feet).

It’s a normal practice for many airliners especially those long and ultra long haul flights and is possible to do in Infinite Flight. Depending on your weight, you may have to climb up to a lower cruising altitude. Burning fuel will decrease your weight slowly, allowing you to climb to higher and higher altitudes.

Since you’re flying the A321, I don’t expect you to step-climb as much as a 777 doing a long haul from Dubai to San Francisco, for example.

More information here: A Guide to Step Climbing

As I mentioned prior though, this all begins with you calculating the proper amount of fuel needed for a flight so you won’t run into an issue like this. If push comes to shove and you’re still over MLW, then simply dump fuel prior to your arrival or enter into a holding pattern until you burn enough fuel to land. I wouldn’t recommend applying spoilers above 10,000 to make the engine “work harder and burn more fuel quicker” for realism’s sake.

Hope this helps. Best of luck. :)

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And just because you said „if you can’t dump fuel“: it’s a procedure if you have no other option, try to prevent it. No one likes it to have fuel raining on their roofs.

Use charts and see where you can do a holding pattern(Some times they have restrictions).

Or just go to:


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