Overview list of missing types of aircraft in Infinite Flight

Missing types of Aircrafts!

Hey guys. A few weeks ago I published the “missing Livery”-List in Infinite Flight. Now the missing aircraft types List is released.
You can find this list by going down(vertical) the list. (At the end)

!!! If there are any new Aircraft Types, please write them down in the comments!!!
!!! If there is a Aircraft Type which is already added to IF please write it in the comments!!!
That helps me to make the list up to date



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I don’t see the Etihad 777-200LR on there. I would love that!

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I will add this to the list. But this area here is only for AIRCRAFT TYPES.


Can I edit this myself or do you have to do it?

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Make it so people can edit it. But great idea I really think this will help limit the amount of livery requests

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Iran Air Airbus A320
IAA A320
Caspian Airlines A320
Qeshm Air A320

Yes you can .

Not productive and please refrain from this bold lettering when not necessary.