Overview list of missing Airline liveries in Infinite Flight

Delta does have the A333 in IF

We already have Vietnam 787-9 and also add Air Canada E190.

Norwegian 787-8
Icelandair 767-300

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Do special liverys count?

Virgin Aus 737-700

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Singapore Airlines B777-200ER (Its ER by the way)

Singapore Airlines A330-300 (Minor spelling error :P)

Singapore Airlines A340-500

Scoot B777-200ER

Scoot B787-8

Silkair A320

Silkair B737-800

Tigerair A320

The B787-10 for Singapore Airlines is already in IF


thank you. I changed it

Thanks. I’ve added them

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Austrian Airlines:

  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Boeing 777-200ER
  • Embraer E190
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Thanks, I’ve added it

Already added

No, we prefer regular liverys

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IF has only the Dash Q400

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  • Vamos Air Boeing 747-400
  • Condor A319
  • Condor A320
  • Condor Boeing 767-300
  • LufthansaCityLine E190 & E195
  • People’s Viennaline E170
  • Air Dolomiti E190 & E195

Btw, Lufthansa only flies the CRJ-900, not the -200 version.

  • flyNiki A320
  • flyNiki A321
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I know you from TravelskyAirlines ;) I m a member


Still missing the 77W TAM

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Already added

Malaysia Airlines A330F, A330-300

Thank you. I’ve added it

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I might be wrong but doesn’t Monarch operate the a320 series??

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