Overview list of missing Airline liveries in Infinite Flight

Due to high demand for airline liveries for different types of aircraft, i created an ordered list of every Livery, IF Members want to see in InfiniteFlight. This is for a better overview. Thank you.

!!! If there are any new liverys, please write them down in the comments!!!
!!! If there is a Livery which is already added to IF please write it in the comments!!!
That helps me to make the list up to date


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Wow, nice! That is a lot of work.

Air Berlin doesn’t operate the A330-300 only the A330-200.

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Oh yeah! :)

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Thank you! I’ll change it soon.

Yay at least someone doens’t forget about Copa Airlines! btw, you’re missing Copa in the E190.

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Thank you! I’ll add it soon :)

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BA A320 should be in the list ;-)


I`ll add it soon! ;)

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This is really cool. A lot better than all of those separate feature requests.


That’s a lot of airlines, but only the major ones.

I found a small problem with the spreadsheet. You forgot to add the Boeing 777-200ER to the list of aircraft. Sorry for being a stickler ;)

Why is Air New Zealand down for the 77W?

Oh, thank you for this important point. I will add it in the next two days.

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Boeing 717-200 House colors, nice list by the way. You obviously put a lot of work into it!

And we already have Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER, maybe you meant Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER :)

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Opps - Thank you

Could you add Olympic Air for Dash Q400?


Norwigian 787-8
British airways B787-8
ANA 787-8
American Airlines B787-8
Air Canada B787-8
NOK B737-800 dash 8
British a320 a321"
Lufthansa A319 a321 a320 NEO
Air France a321
Aegean a319’a320’a321
Air Canada rouge b767 a321
American a319

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Northwest A330-300

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