Overuse of ‘No Pattern Work Allowed’.

Maybe a notification of some sort could remind the Controller to update the ATIS every so often, could be a good way of dealing with the issue. Very simple as well.

Even with hundreds of thousands of XP, proving once again that doing something a lot doesn’t make you better at it if you never do it right.


We are toying with various ideas. For now we just have to resort to setting an alarm and striking controllers with a rolled up newspaper.


The metar flashes every time it changes, and it also says how long ago the meatr was updated. So if you miss the flashing change, you can see later that it updated 5min ago, and you know you need to hidate.

Best in mind: Due to the way the weather renders in-game, it can often “look” VFR, but if the weather is less than 3miles visibility and/or if there is a broken or overcast layer lower than 2,000, pattern work is not allowed… even if it looks like it should.


I have the vision that IFATC controllers aren’t really rudely marked in my opinion lazy.
There are 2 causes for using this message:

  • There are more than 20 aircraft. Winds are fine
  • There are less than 10 aircraft. Winds are heavy.

and maybe a few more causes, but I can’t really make those out.

My thoughts: I think that IFATC isn’t lazy, nor are they overusing the “No Pattern Work Allowed” message. Just common sense. And I have to agree with @Darius_Glover on this one and others.

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If you have a read, we have ruled laziness out, more on the topic of IFATC forgetting to update the ATIS.

I have read about updating ATIS. And that is something that could be started about, it’s already been started and I’m not going to move the topic as I may provide information that is not valid.

And that is something that I haven’t noticed, maybe instead of a flash we need a controlled explosion instead!

I wouldn’t be opposed to an audible beep


It really varies for me,
pattern work is great to have, it increases ops! But sometimes it not about how many planes are in your airspace and are all trying to land, it’s about conditions, weather wise and surroundings.
If it gets busier and i have a smaller runway that isn’t in use for Takeoff and arrivals then ill pattern all the pilots to that runway for touch and goes. however if i only have 1 runway and a large amount of pilots coming in a clump then i’ll switch “no pattern work” on. But when the cluster of planes have landed i’ll turn off “no pattern work”.

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I’ll usually always allow pattern work, unless I’m at a major featured airport. The reason being is that traffic is known to “blow up,” meaning that within 2 minutes, I could have 8 new planes spawn in. There’s also inbounds to worry about.

The first time traffic blew up for me, I wasn’t even at a featured airport. I was doing a few simple patterns with maybe 2 people, then out of nowhere a bunch of people came inbound, started requesting taxi, etc. I couldn’t focus on the ATIS at that point, so pattern work continued. Eventually, the pressure eased a little, and I was able to change it.

The moral of the story is that traffic is unpredictable. Yes, the airport may look empty, but in 2 minutes, it might not be. Just my $0.02 🙃


This is about task prioritization and traffic management.
IFR has the priority above VFR in all cases.

Also, it would help if People knew how to fly patterns (not the usual ‘spitfire pattern’). In addition, we don’t have many of the tools, phraseology or commands used to control local VFR Aircraft - like pattern work. If we would have the opportunity to hold airplanes at present position, Clear them in or out, make them Call intentions etc. it would be a lot easier. :)


Of course :)

I hope IF decide to improve/add other R/T.

Hello. There’s also terrain around airport that’s determining if there’s patterns or not. :)
Good day :)

My understanding has always been when these airports open with live ATC you’ll get such a huge amount of traffic because its live!

In all fairness the volunteers at IFATC do a fantastic job at keeping up with the traffic at some of these airports.

In real life ATC are able to use their voices where transmission of data is a lot faster and more efficient than the way we do it on infinite flight.
I dont think it’s a matter of “laziness” on the IFATC part but a matter of time consumption that will deduct a matter of seconds from their attention to other aircraft inbound.

When ATC responds to requests they’re actively tapping on your aircraft, then choosing an option - then another option sometimes another option on top of that option based on the menu layout of ATC commands.

The job of ATC is very time consuming and the reason while they’ll state no pattern work is because they dont have the time to follow and track a Cessna making tight right turns while they have an Airbus or Boeing traveling at 120+ knots inbound with another 10+ aircraft behind them.

Maybe eventually when we have the ability to use voice based ATC itll be easier but right now it’s pretty limited.


We have kinda ruled this out, I think at the moment its more down to IFATC forgetting to change the ATIS.

Even in the real world, pattern work is rare at a Class B airport, which is 99% of what gets controlled on IF. I’m gonna side with controllers here and say you should go elsewhere for that. Even during military flight training, we spent weeks and months at various Echo airports doing that stuff. Delta’s were good for controlled pattern work but not to set up shop and stay necessarily. We were sometimes able to squeeze in a touch n go at a Charlie or Bravo, but SoCal especially was hard for it at Bravos and controllers seemed annoyed if they were even able to fit us in at all.


Still, even at Airfields that aren’t Class Bravo, still do not allow pattern work for no particular reason, including all that we have discussed in this topic, I’ll say it again, we have ruled out quite a few possibilities and a majority of us have come to a conclusion that is down to IFATC forgetting to change the ATIS.

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I should add that it wasnt always the smartest thing to touch n go in a T-34 or even the T-45s for that matter behind a landing or 757/767 or other. Plus, if a controller lets you in and you can’t maintain enough speed to get down and out of the way for a 747, youre going to tick off some pilots for sure, but worse yet, cost an airline A LOT of money if they have to go around. I dont even want to know the dollar amount to go around in a 747 and I don’t want to be the guy who causes it because I was ‘too cool’ to do pattern work at a less busy strip.

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In terms of IF that doesn’t really make a difference too much, but I hate making people Go-Around 😩 Feel so guilty…