Overun airports

Do you guys ever overrun airports especially on overnight flights?

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It’s not frequent that it happens, but it occasionally happens to the best of us. It has happened to me before though, but it’s been a while since that happened.

I’ve over ran once at MHTG after an hour long flight

In both terms:

  • Overpassing the airport in the sky has happened to me a few times, mainly because I’m too lazy to wake up and land.

  • Overrunning the Airport Runway which has only happened at one airport, SBRJ which is notorious for it’s very short runway able to handle a 737/A320.

hmm, the maximum I’ve done is a go-around, though I overran the runway once in Queenstown, NZ in solo mode when I was practicing landing there.

I would like to invite my friend @Korgast to answer this question lol

No thanks I don’t want to answer to this embarrassing question 😂


99% of my violations come from doing this, sleep is always so tempting though

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