Overtaking Virtual Airlines

Good Motning from Seattle! I was thinking this morning, “Can you overtake virtual Airlines?”. If you cannot decrypt what I’m trying to say, I’ll make it simple. Someone makes a better American Virtual than the one that exists, staff look at it, and the old one gets replaced with the new one (Used American Virtual as an example, don’t take it seriously). Most people would think “Wow, that’s too harsh” but when you think about it, it will make it a better competition in this community, making virtual Airlines become more professional everyday, and people trying to overtake VA’s everyday. This also might be helpful to people trying to make a virtual airline they love (let’s say American Virtual again) and they have a better format, better ideas, and so on.

Sorry if this is the wrong topic, I wouldn’t put it in feature request because I believe it’s only for IF itself, and if you disagree with this “idea”, please don’t leave something negative, just describe to me a problem this might bring.


I don’t think you can create a VA that already exists.


Why would you want to create a VA to one that already is active and is running well? Just join it instead! ;)
I do understand however, if the VA is inactive or is performing poorly and the IFVARB closes the VA, and someone revives the VA with a better concept and sense of responsibility.


Even before you can begin operations you have yo be approved by IFVARB which does not permit copies of VAs. That was one of the main reasons the IFVARB was created. So short answer no


This is not happening. Ever.


For VA Owners - this would be a nightmare.


When you go through the process to be reviewed if you have the same name as another VA you have to change it.

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We don’t let duplicate VA’s to be made. Using your example with American Airlines, once there is an established American Airlines VA, its set in stone until the owners decide to give it to someone else, close it down for whatever reason, etc. Once a VA closes its doors and notifies us, we (IFVARB) will make note of that and will leave it open for the taking once an individual approaches us requesting to start up said VA.

However, people create their own fictional airline. A made up one. We may have multiple VA’s of this type operating the same fleet, same sort of organization yet they’re two different entities. If you’re wanting to start up a VA of your own, and you’re finding it difficult to create one based off a real world airline, consider creating one of your own. Its been a success story for those presently running.


Just thought of an idea, it would make it more competitive and make inactive VA’s get “the boot”.

Thanks exactly that point I am trying to bring up.

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Whilst it would make it more competitive, it simply isn’t fair. People put tonnes of effort in to making VAs and it would be drastically unfair if they got “beaten” by someone else.


This is honestly the worst suggestion I have seen on the Community. People put hours and hours into a Virtual airline, and stripping that away is cruel. Also, having to constantly change your system as a pilot is unfair. This doesn’t happen in the real world and this is extreme. To be honest, this is kind of like repealing net neutrality, it’s supposed to encourage competition but really just hurts the users.

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Maybe a buy out consept is what your thinking

I see two scenarios.

  1. Someone sees a VA that is struggling, thinks they can do better, and make their own.
  2. Someone sees a VA and wants to make a new one for the sole purpose of shutting them down or causing grief. Chances are you have no idea what it takes to run a VA and will abandon the idea after the other VA is shut down.

In #1, you could have joined the VA, learned how they operate, join their staff to actually help it. If it is that far along where it cannot be recovered then a new once can be created to transfer.

In #2, you are just being a troll.


In the same way you can’t set up an airline with the same name as an existing one in real life, you shouldn’t be able to do it in IF.

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I don’t think an owner of an existing VA would like to have a similar VA succeeding theirs after putting in hours of work. Besides, there are tons of RWA VAs missing.


Please read the blurred part, I don’t suggest you comment that on other people’s posts, it’s very rude. This is also not a suggestion, or else it would not be in this category. This is just an idea I had and I wanted to see what people think of it, and what would happen if this was added.

I believe it’s already happened with All Nippon Airlines VA

I think this would be incredibly unfair because ot takes a lot of time for people to make a VA. I believe you can overtake if they have been inactive for 3 months. :)

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Not true. FedEx VA didnt take a month or two to make. You’ll be suprised if you knew how long it took to create. It’s a short turn around if done right like we did. But, I always support a combined effort instead of competing. But this does not always work. I do think competition increases the overall operation and asthetics of a VA. However, you’ve already got your answer above @MrAlaska