Overtake fellow Cathay

Flying above Queensland en route to VHHH aboard Cathay 110. 01:20 ZULU approximately, local time 10:20. A330-300 as I overtook the exact same flight that departed just before me from YSSY. I was at Mach .81 I’ll assume this pilot was at .80 as they were slightly ahead of me at FL360 whilst I was FL340 until I climbed at my designated waypoint to the same level and then passed them. In real life this I know would be too close but it made for some great photos.
This pilots details are :IFC APG not sure if they are on this forum but if so I was not in a race😉 just following my flight plan and designated speeds/altitudes. Their callsign was also Cathay 110. Happy flight and see ya at VHHH👍🏼


A bit too close indeed, if i were you i would descend or climb 1000ft for separation and then go back to my cruise alt, but nice pictures nonetheless


One one hand I could agree, on the other I wouldn’t want to miss that photo opportunity!

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I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity 😉

For the record I was fully aware of my clearance around the other 330 so thought it best to get that lovely photo opportunity, I can even put the replay up when the flight is done so everyone can see I wasn’t doing a training server style escort😉

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Was this on the expert server? I would definitely be okay with this on training, but this could be cause for report on the expert server since most people probably want to keep it as realistic as possible, and having planes fly this close by each other isn’t very realistic. This is just my opinion. Nice photos though!

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Nice shots but a bit too close for comfort there…