Sorry if this is a duplicate, but what happens when I overspeed at FL390

You’re going too fast for the airframe?

No I don’t know if to continue overspeeding maybe I may get a violation but I throttled down a little

You go down to an airspeed that won’t rip your aircraft in half 😊

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540kts won’t rip my aircraft in half

Are you going 550 knots GS or AS?

GS of course

Boeing 777-300ER

An annoying alarm sounds. 🙂

550GKTS/FL400 is pretty much a non-issue anymore since the overspeed alarm and violations have replaced it.

Flights over the Atlantic do like 600kts below 40,000

Maybe because of the tail wind. The wind is always pushing east

Mostly because of tailwind.

We only have ground weather available.

I saw that in the C208 if you go above 175kts you’ll get the overspeed warning. And there was no tailwind.

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Maybe this will help.

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