Overspeeding on Air Force One (VC-25)

I was cruising around in Air Force One today doing touch and goes, then trump decided to take the controls, he wanted to do a zoom climb. Needless to say we had a throttle overspeed warning. In my opinion, I don’t believe it should be a thing on VC25. Anyone else believe that as well? (Since it doesn’t always follow all the rules) (might need to get out quick). Not saying that the 250 rule or anything should not apply, just the overspeed.

A rule is a rule I don’t know what your trying to say ?


I was actually just watching them do touch and goes here at KSWF, and I watched them do a zoom climb, I doubt they had a throttle overspeed in real life. I was just thinking that they don’t operate like every other airliner out there.

A 747’s max speed is 350ish IAS, you have to be that fast on a climb(Usually they do it 230 MAX IAS) to get a warning

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You work on Air Force 1 ?

No sir. Just get the pleasure of watching them fly sometimes. They like to do bounces here, and fly here when the president comes up to NY.

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The maximum speed for the VC-25A is M0.92, and I’m pretty sure we have exactly that speed set for the 747’s in Infinite Flight.

So, it’s as real as it gets :)


I believe you when you say that, as I don’t know much about the aircraft. But do you believe Air Force one is the same? I know they need to be able to climb out fast to get him out, can do short runway takeoffs, and I’ve been told, but have not confirmed that they do fly right up to the edge of Mach speed.

The current model of Air Force One is Boeing 747. Boeing engineers are quite smart, but not that smart that VC-25 is almost 10% faster than a normal B747. As all the main parts of the aircraft are the same in VC-25 and B747. The difference is what is in the cabin:)

We would be really close to another concord in this case. Such aircrafts would already be in commercial sector.

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How about this. Check global.adsbexchange.com every few hours to see if AF1 is airborne. If so, check its speed! You’ll get the answer to your question from that.

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