Overspeeding boundary too low

I believe the overspeeding boundary is too low. It is at 350 knots. It should be around 530 knots as commercial airliners cruise at around 510-520 knots. I feel that 350 knots is unrealistic for a flight simulator. Even if the overspeeding limit cannot be increased, it would be great if there was a toggle option to turn it on/off (only in singleplayer/solo).


The speeds that you are seeing are groundspeed not to be confused with airspeed.


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So 530 knots for commercial airliners are in ground speed?

Yes, violation for that is air speed

It’s actually displayed as 500 miles per hour hence why you will see data shown as 500 or 550 for example. The airspeed would depend on the altitude and Mach number. Airspeed is displayed as knots.

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IF also only displays IAS, GS, and Mach speed. What you are referring to is Indicated Air Speed (IAS) which varies depending on altitude (really outside air pressure to be technical). So while it may say you are only flying at 250kts your TAS (True Airspeed) is closer to 400-500kts depending on your aircraft.

In addition, because kts is not a widely understood variable of speed among the public most of the time the speed of the airline is converted to MPH from Kts which results in a higher value because of the conversion. So when you see 500mph showing up somewhere in an airline’s aircraft info that converts to 434kts True Airspeed which converted would show around 287 Calibrated Airspeed at FL280.


So 350 knots limit is realistic for cruising altitude?

More like around 240kts IAS at FL300-370. Depending on aircraft of course. 350kts would probably get you to Mach 1…


On one of the violations it says sit idle on runway for 60 seconds without ATC clearance. Shouldn’t you not be on the runway at all unless you have ATC clearance?

That is referring to unicom if you sit idle on the runway without an active ATC controller present as you are really supposed to expedite in those situations.

If there is a controller present that violation (correct me if im wrong) but is not in place for instance if a controller tells you to “line up and wait” that is when that violation is not in effect.


i mean, if you like going really fast just go on the casual server :D.
Planes such as the A380 can go up to around FL410 maybe FL420, airspeed will decrease because there is less “air” at that altitude, but ground speed will increase till its around 450 - 500 depending on weight of aircraft. Flying at higher altitudes will save fuel too :) .

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