I was flying a 772 earlier when I was getting an overspeed warning past 350kt, when the max speed of 772ER is a bit over 510kt. Can someone explain?
I was flying at 18000 feet and was under MLW if that makes a difference.

So you were in other words breaking the rules of 550GS under FL400?


Dude just stay under 300kts the max I go at any flight level is 290kts

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Well, you had 350 knots Air Speed, meanwhile the cruise speed is actually measured in Ground Speed. You cruise normally at 260-280kts Airspeed.

Check your ground speed ;)

The what now?

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks.

This one, which everybody has seen by now? Attention All Pilots: Slow Down On Advanced Server

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😂 this is the best feature ever


I fly on solo, that’s for the advanced server.

I see. Then I am not sure :)

The cruising speed for a 777 is about 488kt, but I’m overspeed above 350AS or 365GS?

I’m assuming you have the update all aircraft have set speed limitations according to that aircrafts POH. No more overspending for anyone 😀 Fighters are exempt from this as they don’t have published speed restrictions on the airframe.


I don’t think any plane can go 500 KIAS

The maximum speed that you are referring to is groundspeed. You are looking at airspeed. No airliner cruises at 350 KIAS, as that would rip the airplane apart.

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I get it now, when I was looking at the ground speed I ws only a few thousand feet up so it didn’t really make a difference, I didn’t realise it changes with altitude.

So how can I get ghosted for over speed which just came out and my plane is stalling at the same time. So I’m to fast and to slow. Is that what I’m getting and it got me ghosted because I had no power to slow from

Max speed on a 772 is 335kts indicated airspeed… What the ground speed is depends on winds,temp, altitude, etc…

How do I know… I fly the real one 😉

Carry on



Pics or it didn’t happen 😏


MaxSez: Seems we have a conflict here between the real world and the IF world cruising speeds & limits. For example, Multiple reliable sources indicate an average cruising flight profile for a B-777 (generic model) to be flight level 280/300AGL/M.84 (555.64 mph). Get out your calculators if you use real world peramitors and POC data for flight planning boys & girls, you’ll need to correct your quick reference guide cause of this new restriction. @JMG787, Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger on this one, “we” all screw it up sometimes even those who Tute there own horn. I got 2 Overspeed violations today when flying a real world POH profile in old lucky 7 for not being attentive. The pretty little red dots did’nt help, I was in autopilot reaching for cruise looking at the chart when the very low audible/ visual Overspeed Warning popped, with its limited reaction time your screwed. Lesson re-Learned! (I must say I don’t like the IF imposed GS 550 mph stinking rule much. Artificial imposed knee jerk rules that do not mirror the FAR because of a few malcontents is a form of “Mass Punishment”. They make Jack a very dull boy, over complicate the learning curve and P… Me off!


If you have reliable information about the Vmo/Mmo of each aircraft feel free to let us know (in a simple, straight to the point comment ;p). The overspeed warning is supposed to warn when you go faster than the Vmo/Mmo recommended for the aircraft (going faster than this speed can compromise the airframe).

I am not saying there are no bugs in our implementation; simply that if you find the issue, show us what should be the expected behavior (with reliable source) and we will do our best to fix it.