Hello. I had very discouraging incident yesterday. I was flying from EGGL to EDDF on Dash 8. Altitude was 22000 and air speed was 280. All was OK, I swiched to the outside view camera and answered ot the phone call approx 1 - 1,5 min. When I came back I’ve got 6! violations and was ghosted and casted to the grade 1 from grade 4. I’m flying very correctly and have very few violations and this episode took very personally. I see many poor pilots every day on even expert server and they receiving only “please check tutorials”.

280IAS at those altitudes exceeds the maximum speeds for the Dash-8… So nothing wrong there.

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Yes, You are right but why I was punised 6 times for only one violation?

No, you got 6 violations for not slowing down.

Understand)) but if I flying over ocean on AP and do not sitting close with my I pad in couple hours, how many violations can I maximally receive?

I’m pretty sure 6 is the maximum number for one session, then it’s system ghost.

Could You give my a link with cruising speed info? Also I can not found complete tutorial with all ATC commands and possible answers.

When it comes to cruise speeds, i use google.
Regarding all the commands and answers, there is no full tutorial for that one.

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Try my site with links to the info

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Thank You guys for the information!