im flying with friends and my over speed is at 280 but theirs is 320knots, were all on same fpl and plane, help


You’re seeing ground speed, not airspeed. Going 320 KIAS Will grant overspeeds on most aircraft.


its airspeed mate i would know my ground speed is 511knots

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Are you at the same altitude? What aircrafts? Where are you? Information pleeease.


same alt same mach but overspeed limit is different

the red dots and its not ground speed im not a noob

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What aircraft are you guys in?

Why is it so hard to answer the questions?


a321 fl350 mach.86 but the overspeed limit is different

Both of you are in the A321 correct?

were over southampton and yes a321

Slow down, you are flying way to fast for that aircraft. Your winds are probably different. Overspeed limit is based on Mach at those altitudes.


Could you send us a screenshot of yours, and your friends speed indicator (Or whatever the thing is called that shows your speed and has the red dots to show the overspeed)?

im in a 3 houe flight so cant yet unfortunately :(

What is your callsign so i can check you and your friends speeds, altitudes etc?

Kestrel 1, 2, 5 expert server

closest airport is EGHE

M.80-.82 would’ve been a better speed choice.

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All of you guys are at the same speed (GS) and altitude, so without printscreens it will be hard to determine any issues. But yeah, you’re still going too fast.

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OK p.s. i didnt choose the speed