"Overspeed" Will not stop.

I am currently In a flight I went overspeed then slowed down and it’s been about 40 minutes and it hasn’t stopped saying “Overspeed” is there any way to fix it without ending my flight i tried turning my phone of and turning back on and leaving app then going back in but It wont stop, and I tried overspeeding again and slowing down nothing works!

I assume you are referring to the audio warning. This is a known issue and is being looked into.

You should not be recieving violations for it. It is more of an annoyance.


When I read this topic’s title, I thought this was going to be the same as one from IG, where the guy was just going too fast and didn’t want the alarm going off 🤣

I just noticed It says I’m not connected to live server… maybe it disconnected as i was overspeeding and that why… but I don’t know why It isn’t connecting I have fine WiFi…

It can happen from time to time. Some have had luck turning off and on their wifi to let it reset and reconnect. Not sure what that will do while flying though…

Switching WiFi on and off during mid-flight will lead to the scenery becoming blurry and once connection is back everything runs normal again, at least that what happens to me when i try…

It gave me 6 violations… IK I wasn’t overspeed to long, long enough to get a violation maybe I could have gotten one from overspeeding actualy over the 'Speed limit"

What’s your callsign and display name?

Its BAVA FEXV FEXVJoseph and callsign was Speedbird 146 but I ended flight