Overspeed while in accepted limit

I’ve not seen a topic with this exact issue. Was flying from kmia to ttpp, I was well below the overspeed limit around 23000ft and it started saying overspeed overspeed overspeed, however there was no alert on the screen
I was of course ghosted which is unfair. Can anyone assist? I have a video thay I can share.

Could we see the video please?

Which aircraft was this in?

Can you take screenshot?
What was your speed?

He has a video, I’m sure it will give us all of that info! :)

It was in an Airbus A32.

Do you have that video we could see? That would tell us a lot of helpful info :)

Will upload shortly. Having some issues. Thanks.


Hello Khamal!

I took the liberty of checking the flight data we have stored for your last flight, on which you received this violation.
As you probably we know, we have few restrictions above 10.000ft. These are 350kts indicated airspeed and/or a specified mach number. For the A320-family, the maximum mach is 0.87.

Unfortunately, we only record heading, altitude and ground speed. And this is what i can see from your flight:

  • At 16.161ft you were flying at 513kts ground speed.
  • At 17.411ft you were flying at 541kts ground speed.
  • At 18.650ft you were flying at 560kts ground speed.

As your climb continued, you started to slow down. The last recorded data from your flight were at 20.787ft flying at 370kts ground speed. Which is a much more reasonable speed considering the aircraft model.

Going 560kts ground speed at 18.000ft, is roughly the equivalent of going over 400kts air speed and somewhere around Mach 0.9.

So, unfortunately it seems like you were over speeding for quite some time.
You received these 6 violations as you kept over speeding for more than 2 minutes.

The issue you were probably experiencing though, is one we are aware of and hope to have resolved soon. It is that the audible warning does not stop even though you have slowed down. We have however confirmed that the issue does not give the user any additional violations, it’s nothing more than an issue with the audio.
Sorry for that inconvenience!

Have a nice day!


Hi, thank you very much for explaining. And sorry for the delayed response. I’m not sure if it’s a server issue or a device issue, but, but gameplay froze at some point, so it was out of my hands. Unfortunately, a week of ghosting. Sigh

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