Overspeed when below 350 kts

Hi, why does it say I am overspeed when my airspeed is below 350 kts? I quickly quitted the flight to avoid a violation.

If that happens to me i just quit so i dont get the violation and if i was doing a flight i would restart

From the looks of it, your internet connection is imperfect (given that the atc thing is shaded), which may have something to do with your warning.

Also why are you even going at 340 kts at 12000 ft?


Could be trying to Acsend fast. Could you @LegendaryRoro88 lease try restarting your device and then trying to attempt 340 knots again at similar altitude (But for next time maybe stick to 320 Knts 😁)

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Because I was flying a short hop from WSSS-WMKK, and my cruising altitude was FL120.

Ok but next time don’t turn on the “afterburners” (340+ kts) at 12k cuz that’s kind of risky.