Overspeed Warning

I was flying from Instabul to Dubai in a 737-900 before the FNF and when I reached cruising altitude I left the room. About 20 minutes later I returned to find the overspeed warning on. I reduced my speed to turn it off but it continued and eventually I stalled and ended the flight. This gave me 6 violations meaning I’m now Grade 1, also meaning I can’t take part in the FNF. This is really annoying so please fix this bug. Apparently the overspeed bug has been around for over a year…

What was your speed and altitude

What was your speed?

34,000ft, I remember the speed being 1kt over the red dots where overspeed began but that’s all I remember, sorry.

I reduced the speed after that.

This has happened to me before - Was there the audio in the cockpit or HUD camera? And was there the yellow text above your screen?

If you seen that you were in the red tape (speeding) you should have slowed down a bit. Give yourself a buffer.

If the 737’s optimal cruise speed was being utilised in your flight then you shouldn’t have been that close to the red tape and overspeed warning.

I’m going to assume that you were speeding too high, and then reduced the speed to a point that it was too low and stalled.

Sometimes when your speed is just before the red dots as you get higher you are more likely to overspeed wants you reach MACH level so make sure you climb 5knots below the red dots

Yep. I was actually researching the bug and forgot to increase the thrust so I was stalling when I looked back at IF.

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I wasn’t in the room when this happened though so I didn’t have a chance.

Well I guess that’s solved

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Well no, the main point is that the overspeed warning continued after I reduced my speed.

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Humm… that’s weird maybe it’s a bug or something

This should be a help when cruising in the 737. Take note of the cruise speeds based on variant.

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The overspeed bug is a known issue and will probably be addressed in the future. The key thing is to avoid getting the warning and this can be achieved easily with cruising at appropriate speeds.


Same thing happened to me. It got stuck on the warning alarm and I had to continue the flight to Ethiopia with that sound. I just cut the whole sound so I can land in peace. But yes this does happen…