Overspeed warning

How much time are you given between the time an overspeed warning is given until your reported?
I was viewing my plane from outside the cockpit, didn’t hear the overspend warning but I saw it on the screen and by the time I got my bearings and dropped the throttles to zero, I was already reported. Seems like a little extra time would not be out of order here.

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I Just maintain a safe buffer between the restrictions set forth in the simulator.

Taxi- Maximum 35kts
Below 10,000ft- 250kts
Above 10,000ft- 350kts

You shouldn’t be doing Mach Schnell under 10,000 feet nor 35 knots on a taxiway. We reach to parallel a realistic approach in this simulator especially on the Expert Server.



So it’s a feature request for extra time?

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Yeah this is annoying but totally preventable. Also does anyone know if exceeding the overspeed limit of say a Cessna or a jet if you are high enough that the overseer dropped below 350 would get you violated?

i recommend a cruise speed of 340 while at or above 10,000ft

For climb i recommend 240 as it leaves 10kts space in case of Un-planned sudden Gusts or turbulence in flight. Under 10,000 ft