Overspeed Warning Explained

Overspeed warning explained.

These are general or approximate figures to make it easier to understand. For specific real world Overspeed spec, google it. :) or Check this resource

Civilian aircraft have structural and engine tolerance limits.
While it’s true they feasibly could reach extreme speeds, they shouldn’t.
350 Knots airspeed is NOT a definite or perfect indicator of forward momentum AKA MPH ground speed.
At 30,000 feet 300 Knots airspeed is NOT 300 MPH ground speed. It’s actually approximately 510+MPH or Mach .80-.82 (depending on environmental factors) which is a common airliner cruising speed and altitude.
Airspeed is about air flowing over the wing. As altitude increases, air density decreases, thus the displayed airspeed (IAS knots) diminishes, and cannot be considered relevant to the aircrafts true forward speed.
Watch under the HUD where you find GS (Ground Speed) or M (Mach speed) numbers.
If the M is over .87, you’re going dangerously fast.
At the same altitude 400 Knots would be (about) Mach 1.+ and if it were a real aircraft, control surfaces would freeze, the aircraft would vibrate violently, and possibly even disintegrate.

So before you freak out thinking the Overspeed warning is “unrealistic”, think about it, learn about it, and slow down. It’s actually very realistic, and since Infinite Flight is a simulator, it’s a normal simulated function based on real world aviation.
So no, you should not have the throttle at or near max thrust. You wouldn’t get on the freeway pedal to the medal, riding the max red line to cruise to your destination?

Pass it on, share this, and help your fellow virtual pilots fly safe and understand why.

PS- Nobody is perfect, so if the Overspeed warning seems wrong, please let us know and send the actual VMO/MMO specs for the aircraft in question.


Personally, I think it’s realistic too.


Thanks for this, Sir! Should be an announcement.

Yup. Corrected your title grammar. :)


Thanks…LOL… I was just editing that again myself. You’re quick!


At least it’s not more annoying then the Over speed warning on FSX.

Very interesting read,

I general civilian aircraft do have limits but I think we are talking two different issues here? Structural limits for aircraft are based on percentage of stress the airframe can take. These limits are displayed to pilots via the structural load limits in the limitations sections. Example your standard “Transport category” airplane a load limit with flaps up of +2.5 G’s to -1.0 G’s is pretty common. Can the aircraft withstand more stress than this… Absolutely but for certification purposes this is what it was certified to. With regards to flying over Mach .87 being dangerously fast, I have to disgree. I’ve flown at Mach .86 on a few occasions and have had “Dreamliners” and Gulfstreams fly past me as if I was standing still. Dreamliner was going .88 and the Gulfstream .90. Aircraft are certified to fly at their Max speed comfortably without putting passengers and crew at risk in “smooth air”. The dangerous part comes when you are either in turbulent air at those speeds or exceeding those speeds at high altitudes (FL380 and above) as you put yourself into a corner. That corner being the zone of “Mach Tuck” which is categorically one of the scariest situations you’d see on a swept wing airplane.

To keep it simple you have moved the shockwave off the rear of the wing essentially moving the center of pressure and causing the aircraft into an almost unrecoverable dive (Google for more information). Back on topic, the Mach .87 is a blended median based on the aircraft within the flight sim that we know affectionately as Infinite flight. To say a 747-200 going Mach .89 will disintegrate is comical at best. Some older planes have higher Mach limits than newer ones. .92 for the 747, .90 for the 787, .89 for the B773 and .87 for B772. Airbus 330 Mach.86 and SMALLER JETS such as the 737 and A320 are Mach .82.

While I don’t think the limit is unrealistic, I couldn’t not correct a few things as I’d hate for an Internet genius to question the captain on their next flight whether they are going to disintegrate or not. I think overall the limit has brought a new found joy to flying within the sim on both the pilot and ATC side and I look forward to the advancements to come within the I.F. Community.

As always thanks for all the hard work and Happy Landings,


P.S. If you need individual aircraft VMO / MMO specs I’d be happy to help 🙂


Outstanding response as always HD. Would you happen to know VNE for the 772LR?




Thanks HD!

I Think the speed limit is very realistic. I was just looking up Plane Live app to view air planes that are flying around the world. I noticed that almost no aircraft reaches more than 535 knts Ground Speed. So thank you guys for that update.


Personally I think this overspeeding feature stinks!! It is a simulator, a game, not training people how to really fly! So let us exceed an aircrafts “limits”! Let us “speed”! Isn’t that most of the fun?! Going fast!! Poking around at 350 knots is just boring! Love the new aircraft and all other new features but “overspeeding” on a game?? Come on?!! I don’t pretend to be an expert, I’m not. Just my opinion. So please respect that and don’t blast me for wanting to speed. I am going to miss cruising along in a 748 doing 700 knots!!

That is unbelievably fast! 700 knots IAS would shred an airplane faster than you can say over speed. Even 350 knots IAS is fast. Sheesh.

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I’m surprised you missed the fact that “Nobodies” should be “Nobody’s”. ;)

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If you want to fly faster then 550 kts , no one is stopping you . Just do it on CASUAL / old FF server. But most of us want to keep this awesome Flight Sim as realistic as possible . 😀


No disrespect intended brother!! I’m an adrenaline junky! Speed is in my blood! Used to get paid to jump out of aircraft. I just wanna go fast!! Might have to ditch flying a beautiful 777 and just fly the F-22?! Love their new updates except this overspeeding crap!! Happy flying man!!
Adam 😎

I never new this would be such a “big issue” I’ve never flown past the current limits in a commercial airliner even before the update!

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This is a simulator, not Air Supremacy or Extreme Landings. Realism is the focus.


@david said the key words… “real life aviation”. #dropsmic

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I am not against these new rules, but in fact even on Casual, you can NOT speed over 350 knts. I am not really sure if any of you noticed that. I think the new update has few issues like this one.