Overspeed violations

It would be nice if only 1 overspeed violation was issued per event. Last night I was flying a long flight and had selected VNAV for the arrival I had for my flightplan. I unfortunately nodded off at some point and once I got below 10K I got 3 overspeed violations… which incidentally are the only thing keeping me from level 3. I know it’s ultimately my fault for arming VNAV too far before the TOD and falling asleep, but I feel like in these cases it should be 1 violation, not 3. Thoughts?


I guess the reason why they chose 3 violations is so you have a chance to recover. If they went for only 1 then that is basically it you will get disconnected.
Just remember next time to only set VNAV when you are near your TOD and/or you are at your device awake

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Something similar happened to another user. I’ve linked the relevant topic below:

The general consensus is that these violations are fair, and that it’s not too much to expect pilots to be at their device to monitor descent.

You’ve learned a lesson the hard way - to not arm VNAV unless you’re awake and near your TOD. Don’t worry - most of us have been there before, and Level 1 violations will still let you fly on the Expert Server.

Good point, it does make sense giving you a chance to recover instead of quitting immediately.

Yeah it’s happened a few times to me… flying while sleepy and nodding off before the TOD… I just need to quit doing that lol.

It’s frustrating to have finally gained enough XP and landings to jump on the expert server, but falling asleep is now having me wait out the amount of Level 1 violations in the last 7 days lol. Lesson learned!

Just don’t arm VNAV until you’re like, 5 minutes away from your TOD, that’s all. You won’t get a violation if you overfly your destination at cruise altitude. Just a silent chuckle if there’s a controller present.

That’s the truth!

I wouldnt call them fair

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I would agree with that. This happens to me quite often. My topic above talks about how the punishment should be less severe


To some extent I agree that the speed violation restriction is too harsh.
If you are in a controlled environment, then you will get reported by ATC, and if no one is around then your over-speeding is likely not affecting anyone else.
That being said the solution is not to arm VNAV until just prior to TOD, and if you anticipate having to step away, you can set amend the altitude in the autopilot, so you follow the VNAV path, but it’ll automatically stop your decent prior to 10,000.

Personally, the vast majority of the handful of recent speed violations I’ve received have been in the climb, in a CRJ. Since we don’t have a Speed mode in the autopilot, the CRJ just flew itself into a stall in the time it took to turn off the stove, or close a window!

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I plan out long enough flights so I can takeoff off before I got sleep at night get to cruise and make sure everything is ok then get a good nights sleep and wake up with between 30-70 minutes left to go eleven if this means flying slower than normal I still do and it works great

Kinda got the boot and got 3 violations just 3 hours ago

Sometimes even I forget what I say lol

Today I got and 3 overspeed violations and to grade 2 as well. Which brings me to 51 level 1 violations .

And 3 violations tomorrow will drop back to 48 violations. Will I be back on expert server tomorrow or ?

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