Overspeed Violations

Today I was flying a flight from KJFK to KMIA and left my ipad after 14,000 feet. I came back about 10 minutes later and I was disconnected from the training server for receiving 3 overspeed violations. I was at 27,000 and had my auto pilot set to 340 knots. I am trying to get grade 3 and don’t want to be held back because of too many violations.
Is there a way to prevent this? Should I just stay with my flight until cruse and adjust the speed throughout the flight? My username is AVGeek147 and my callsign was American 555 Heavy.

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You should monitor your Flight until Cruise because things like this can happen, probably 340kts set in the AP was the cause of overspeed


Setting the speed to 340kts is a bad idea…

I suggest checking the appropiate speed of each aircraft, but don’t go at 330kts or greater. Is a terrible idea

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Ok. I wont do that anymore. Thanks for the reply.


Ideally, you should set it around Mach 0.78-0.82

Watch your cruise until you’re above 28,000 feet (FL280) and then set your speed in that range, would be my advice.


Hey there.

The reason you probably got violations is because you were at 340kts which is very close to the over speed limit. I’d recommend monitoring your flight to cruise and choose more appropriate speeds between 290kts & 320kts which would take you to M.78 & M.85 once past FL280.

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I recommend slowing down while descending. After passing FL28, I slow down to 295 IAS, at fl20 to 285 and so on… Hope that helps you :)

You’ve exceeded the MMO (Max mach speed) of the aircraft.
At FL270 340 IAS is is around M.9 which is over limit in many aircraft. Don’t climb faster than 300kts in narrow bodies and 320 kts in heavies.

or what i do is if you have to descend quickly the spoilers should be deployed or in dire situations the gear should be put down. (very rare)

Here is how I avoid violations because I fly 5 planes at once but I take of 1 by 1 so this way i can give my self more time to monitor one another so below 10,000ft I always fly with a speed of 259 then at 9,500ft I speed my aircraft up to 349 and then monitor slightly while getting my other aircraft airborne so some aircraft have a speed limit of M0.87 and some with M0.90 so for the aircraft that have M0.87 on the first violation warning I lower my speed to 340kts at about 25,500ft-26,000ft then when I hear the second violation warninging at around 26,500ft-27,000ft I lower my speed to 330kts then for the third violation warning I wait until 28,000ft and then lower my speed to M0.86 and then continue to cruise I will list aircraft down below to make things easier but for m0.90 aircraft same thing only u only have to pay attention to 1 speed warning so for these aircraft mainly happen with the 787s so I hear the violation warning i lower my speed to 340kts at around 27,000ft then once i hit 28,000ft i set my speed to M0.89 and for th 777s u won’t hear a warning so u might want to monitor but when u hit 28,000ft set ur speed to m0.90 because for some reason u set it to m0.89 it goes 0.88 instead for violation avoidance but here are aircraft to u want to pay attention to

M.87 aircraft: listen for 3 violation warnings

A320 family m0.86 will go the exact number u set

717-200 m0.86

B737 family m0.86 will go the exact number u set

CRJ family m0.86
757-200 m0.87
767-300 m0.87
A330-300 m0.86
A340-600 m0.86

M0.90 aircraft: listen for 1 or 2 violation warnings

A350-900 m0.89

A380-800 m0.91 add extra 5kts to the set speed u want go to when below 28,000ft for climb

777 family m0.90 add extra 1kts to set speed for climbing but below 28,000ft

787 family m0.89 will go the exact number u set

DC-10 M0.90
MD-11 M0.90

If this sounds at all confusing PM me and I will try to answer your question and try to make sense

Hey there,
Due to air pressure changes in altitude, the speed will change accordingly.

Just as a reference:
295 KIAS is roughly M.78
315 KIAS is roughly M.84

If you are climbing and leave you device unattended I would suggest setting you speed at 300 KIAS. When you return you can always adjust your speed then .

Hope this helps :)

Tbh it sound like your settings are putting you on the razors edge of a violation

I think for cruising is around 300kts

Typical cruise speed for any heavy should be M0.86 and for small regional anywhere from M0.78 - M0.80. Using these speeds won’t get you a violation in flight so you will be safe.

No - with the A330/A340 M0.86 will get you violations - same with the 757/767. They all cruise around M0.8-M0.83 mark.

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