Overspeed Violations

Hello everyone! I’m looking for the IFATC that’s reported me.

Happy Flights:)

Check your log book

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I checked and only showed violations

In your logbook it shows the controller who ghosted you.

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Unless it shows a controller reported you I can only assume you got ghosted due to system violations.


Sounds like you didn’t get a ghosting but for violations, what do the violations say

Literally this is all it shows

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IFATC did not ghost you. That is system generated.

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Looks like you oversped while you were flying. I don’t believe a controller reported you.

Well can I talk to whoever is in charge of the violations system?

I went to work IRL and completely forgot about this

I think system violations cannot be reversed unless it is a fault within the game itself…IDK.

Violations can only be removed if an issue with the game.

Sorry, but take this time to fly more and learn from the mistakes :)

Fam I don’t want to be off the platform for 2 years

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It is your responsibility to make sure that this doesn’t happen. When I go out and leave my device I make sure I will be back in time to prepare for a descent. Unfortunately, unless this was the fault of the system I doubt these will be removed.

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What do you mean platform and 2 years ? They should go within 7 days and you should return to your grade

They will stay on your ‘records’ but your grade should come back

Unless you have evidence proving it was a system issue it won’t be reversed unfortunately. Very rarely does this ever happen as it’s a pretty accurate system in place.

these will not be removed. You need to fly under control at all times


This says otherwise and Platform = IF

That says 24 hours… Where are you getting 2 years from?